Masbloom framework

Masbloom: Psychologist Abraham Maslow developed the hierarchy of needs to address the social-emotional needs of humans. When used in education, the emphasis in this approach is in providing students with basic human needs such as proper meals and proper healthcare, alongside strong emotional support. The assumption is that these social-emotional supports will help students reach academic success and self-actualization. Educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom developed a taxonomy of learning that emphasizes the cognitive, affective,and sensory domains. In the cognitive domain of his taxonomy, Bloom focused on academic-based outcomes such as remembering, understanding, applying, and analyzing. These are arenas that high rigor/high demand teachers may be comfortable with. Masbloom is the fusing together of the Maslow and Bloom paradigms in everyday teaching practices. The social-emotional domain is instrumental in opening up avenues for learning while the Bloom domain is fundamental in academic achievement.

When educators bring these two worlds together, students of all backgrounds are provided opportunities for feeling a sense of belonging, safe, and cared for, while also feeling the self-efficacy to master academic material. Masbloom empowers educators to implement high socialemotional support, combined with high rigor/high expectations to achieve prosperity for all students


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