Jesus Flores

Jesus “JFLOW” Flores is a passionate educator that started his journey as a teacher at Jordan high school in the South Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts. He was raised in the city of Huntington Park, and as a product of LAUSD schools, he has a firm understanding of the effects of under performing, inner-city public schools. That upbringing inspired him to become the educator he needed growing up. His philosophy of education welcomes various schools of thought. He adheres to progressivist, existentialist, and critical theory educational philosophies. Mr. Flores believes that one model of education is not enough to fit the needs of every student, so it is imperative that students are exposed to as many ways of life and learning as possible. The core of his work rests on the shoulders of love, compassion, and restorative practices. He possesses over seven years of experience in public education and currently serves as the Dean of Restorative Practices at Valor Academy High School in the San Fernando Valley. In this role, he maintains systems across campus that shift school-wide behavioral consequences from a traditional punitive approach to a progressive and restorative approach.

Jesus is also passionate about impacting people through his various writing and speaking outlets. He values honesty, authenticity, freedom, love, justice, humility, empathy, discipline, gratitude, and respect. All of these values are embedded into his writing and public speaking engagements. His writing style is autobiographical, self-deterministic, psychedelic, intuitive, and instinctive. His published work falls under the category of self-help, and his authorship is designed for foos from the struggle. Mr. Flores seeks to continue helping marginalized humans find their voice so they too can become agents of change.