what is the teacher training trifecta?

What is the Teacher Training Trifecta?

February 2023 | Trifecta Team Highlight

At Scholar System, we employ a unique model of professional learning known as the Teacher Training Trifecta. This framework allows educators to engage with proven practices for transforming school cultures and students’ trajectories. 


Our three pillars: Inspiration, Connection, and Application are woven seamlessly throughout each session, melding hearts, minds, and action –  just as we would want our students to experience in classrooms. 

Image of the pillars of the Teacher Training Trifecta

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Students won’t care what you know until they know you care. Creating systems of prosperity begins with educators understanding the transformative power they hold to impact student lives. Our speakers deliver a message of hope, motivation, and purpose to educators. We encourage self-reflection and support educators in reframing their mindsets into asset-based actions that unlock opportunities for all students.

Inspiration is the first pillar of the trifecta.


Connection is the second pillar of the trifecta.

Prosperous systems are focused on success but are also joyful. Every member of a school community should be cared for, respected, and appreciated—including adults. In our learning sessions, We provide frequent opportunities for participants to learn about each other and laugh on their journey towards a shared vision, the support educators translating these practices to the classroom



Nothing will change for students unless practice changes. In our sessions, participants experience our frameworks and classroom strategies firsthand as learners, before deconstructing practices through the lens of educators. Our application tools can be applied immediately. 

Application is the third pillar of our trifecta

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