Dr. Terri Cecchine currently serves as a K-3 Literacy Specialist in Lompoc California, at La Honda STEAM Academy. She has been working with elementary education for the last 4 years. She has been a wrestling coach for the last 12 years in various schools up and down the state. She received her BA from UC Santa Barbara, her M.A. from the University of San Francisco, her 2nd M.A. from UCSB along with her Ph.D. in 2019.

She has spent her adult life working with students in a variety of capacities from the YMCA,Boys and Girls club, coaching wrestling, and teaching grades 7-12, 6, and now K-3. She has worked in schools that serve expulsions and juveniles from the Santa Barbara juvenile detention center, and her work has been influenced by the educational systems she has witnessed throughout her career. She also has taught at the college level at UC Santa Barbara in the Chicano Studies department for 3 years. Her educational mission is to promote strength and confidence in females through wrestling and she does this through her dedication to her coaching, her research on the female experience, as well as through her foundation (Feminism Wrestling Equality) she started to raise funds for scholarships for female wrestlers in the state.

“Her educational mission is to promote strength and confidence in females”