Love Jefferson earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Economics from Washington State University where he spent most of his time (off the field) supporting activity and conference organizing with the WSU MultiCultural student Center. Born in Los Angeles of an African American father and an American Samoan immigrant mother. Love’s mother, one of 10 children herself, moved to the US from the Polynesian islands to study nursing and follow the American dream of creating a better life. She became a caregiver for seniors and young.

Love saw at an early age the satisfaction she gained from caring for others, despite the hard work involved. As a teenager, Love showed great promise as a football player, which led to him being offered scholarships at 5 different colleges. Encouraged by his entrepreneurial father to go into business, Love chose Washington State University because of the excellent program at the Carson School of Business. He would later decide to change his major to Sociology, Psychology and Economics.

By his junior year Sports Illustrated had named him among the top 10 players at his position in the country. As a 1st generation college student, Love earned himself a higher education, a Pac-10 Championship and Rose Bowl appearance in 1998. Love’s success on the football field caught the eye of the NFL and in 1999, after graduating he joined the Chicago Bears as offensive tight end. All set for a career in professional football, Love was devastated when injury forced early retirement from the game and a rethink of his career. Because of his passion for people and care giving upbringing, he found his true position in the field of building individuals and building teams through personal growth learning experiences and workshops.

In recent years, Love has provided team building and leadership training sessions for companies such as YouthBuild USA, Americorps, Los Angeles Conservation Corps, Snap Inc., Netflix,, YouTube, Google-Global Data Analytics, the Association of California School Administrators, and the Los Angeles Office of Education. Today, his training focus is geared toward supporting young professionals, educators, students, and parents. Love works with companies and nonprofit organizations in service to students and young professionals looking to increase self worth, sense of belonging, and self belief in achieving success. His message is rooted in Safety, Support, and Sense of Belonging.

“His message is rooted in Safety, Support, and Sense of Belonging.”